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Ekso Bionics Healthcare App | FullStack Case Study
Ekso Bionics
Case Study

FullStack helps Ekso Bionics Make Strides in Patient Care with Physical Therapy App

Ekso Bionics, a leading provider of exoskeleton therapy devices, partnered with FullStack Labs to build a technology ecosystem that gives therapists real-time data from patient exoskeleton therapy, helping patients learn to walk again, sooner.


Physical therapy centers using app


Strides per session, up from 20 in some use cases

Improved data visualization, enabling real-time treatment decisions


Ekso Bionics develops and produces exoskeleton devices that help patients who have lost mobility learn to walk again. The client’s EksoNR device collected extensive data during physical therapy sessions but only presented data via post-session printouts. It also featured an unintuitive, hard-button control interface.

Because of this, insights weren't available during the session, making it difficult for physical therapists to track and interpret patient data. Ekso knew therapists could provide better patient outcomes if they had real-time feedback on the device data. They approached FulStack to develop a cross-platform healthcare app and interface to improve treatment.


FullStack Labs created a multi-faceted solution to meet Ekso’s goals. The individual elements included:

  • Web Application: Developed and designed a web-based analytics and reporting dashboard (EksoPulse) for therapists. The MVP was built and launched in only a few weeks, followed by a feature-rich version, EksoPulse 2.0.
  • Device Controller Interface: Designed an intuitive custom user interface for the exoskeleton controller that both controls the device and displays live session data.
  • Data Sync Mobile App: Designed a mobile app to sync the data between the exoskeleton and the EksoPulse web app via Bluetooth.

"We went from taking 20 steps with three physical therapists to taking hundreds of steps in a session."

Doctor Diane Patzer, DPT, Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan


Adoption Across 270+ Facilities

Pulse 2.0 has been rolled out to 270+ physical rehabilitation centers globally, helping patients worldwide walk again.

Enhanced Data Accessibility & Patient Outcomes

Therapists can now visualize and interpret data easily, leading to better treatment decisions and patient outcomes. The new controller interface replaced the previous hard-button and print-out system. Thanks to real-time data and improved UX, therapists can pay more attention to helping patients and focus less on unintuitive controls.

500% More Steps

In select use cases, patient progress has accelerated rapidly. Therapists previously helping patients take 20 or so steps per patient are now achieving 100 or more steps per patient, per session.

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