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We partner with health and wellness clients to provide advanced software consulting. Our team has experience understanding complex science and turning deep technical specifications into software users will embrace. Our focus on building health and wellness software is driven by our desire to have a positive impact in Biotech, Medtech, Biopharma, and Personal Wellness.
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We Shape the Future of Health & Wellness

At FullStack, we are dedicated to fostering well-being and vitality. Our commitment to excellence, integrity, and constant innovation drives us to empower healthcare providers and patients with cutting-edge solutions, enhancing health outcomes and service quality globally.

Medical Ecosystems

Leveraging our expertise in product strategy, we conduct in-depth research and analysis to meticulously craft the ideal experience for providers and patients. Our focus is on creating a suite of apps that are not only secure and compliant but also seamlessly interconnected, enhancing the healthcare ecosystem.

Healthcare Data Analytics and AI

Leveraging AI and machine learning, we provide advanced data analytics solutions that help healthcare providers gain insights into patient outcomes, optimize treatment plans, and predict health trends, while ensuring compliance with health data privacy standards.

Wearable Health Technology

We design and develop custom wearable health technology solutions, including fitness trackers and health monitoring devices, which empower individuals to track their wellness and enable healthcare providers to remotely monitor patient health in real-time.

Health & Wellness Mobile Applications

We create user-friendly mobile applications for both iOS and Android that support health and wellness goals, offering features like personalized fitness programs, nutrition tracking, mental health support, and virtual health coaching.


Healthcare & Wellness Solutions Built by FullStack Labs

We’ve turned complex science and detailed specifications into software that is improving the lives and outcomes for people around the world.
Ekso Bionics

Helping People Learn to Walk Again Starting with a Web App

We partnered with Ekso Bionics to build a revolutionary patient dashboard which allows physical therapists to monitor the progress, and predict outcomes, of patients using the EksoNR exoskeleton to treat spinal cord injuries.
Cytek Biosciences

Analyzing Cells with a Desktop App for Performing Flow Cytometry

The FullStack Labs Product Design team collaborated with Cytek Biosciences to design the user experience and interface of SpectroFlo®, their flow cytometry software. This tool is now globally utilized by scientists for conducting advanced research on blood cells.

Providing Access to a Vast Network of Physicians and Medical Leaders

Massachusetts General Hospital

Integrated Dental Technology Merging Practice Management with Patient Communications and Marketing

Henry Schein One

Online Care Solutions Help Patients to Access Physical Therapy Exercises and Connect with Their Care Teams

Hinge Health
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