About FullStack

Technology Improves Lives and Makes the World a Better Place

FullStack Labs considers the advancement and proliferation of technology to be a moral and ethical imperative.

We seek to accelerate this moral good by partnering with our clients to design and develop beautiful, useful, and innovative technology that improves users' lives. To achieve this goal, we cultivate a work environment and company culture that attracts and retains the best and brightest developers, designers, and business professionals.

Make it work, make it right, make it fast.

- Kent Beck

We help our clients build the right solution without wasting time and money on options that won’t work. Our offerings are built to stand the test of time and grow with your business.

Diagram with triangles pointing to the right, illustrating the main steps for building a custom solution. It highlights the Discovery, Design and Development phases.

Empowering Talent, Delighting Clients

Each quarter FullStack conducts an NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey of both talent and clients and publishes the results online for all to see.
Client NPS Score
Compared to the IT services industry average of 44.
Talent NPS Score
Compared to an industry average of 15-25, depending on the source.

Everything We Do is Guided by Our Core Principles

Hard Work

We value hard work and effort. We work tirelessly for our clients and each other. We think apathy is disrespectful—to ourselves, our colleagues, and our clients.


We value discipline over motivation. Motivation ebbs and flows daily, and cannot be relied upon. Self-discipline ensures consistent performance over time, regardless of motivation.

Extreme Ownership

We seek to take ownership of everything we do, both as individuals and as a company. When there are problems, there’s no one else to blame but ourselves. We practice decentralized command—we all make decisions, we all accept responsibility, and we all lead.

Default Aggressive

We view problems, challenges, and setbacks as opportunities to overcome and prove ourselves, not as excuses to give up, relax, or wait for someone else to save the day. When the world pushes against us, we push back twice as hard. We find solutions. We solve problems. We figure out a way to win.

Honesty and Forthrightness

We’re honest with ourselves and with each other. We’re honest in our actions and in our words. We're willing to provide and receive direct feedback to improve both as individuals and as a company.

Mutual Respect

We treat ourselves, each other, and our clients with respect, seeking to demonstrate it through our actions and work. We believe that actions speak louder than words. We consider apathy, sloppiness, flakiness, and low-quality work disrespectful to ourselves, our clients, and each other.

Quality and Continuous Improvement

We seek to improve continuously. We strive to be better each day than we were the day before. We value quality and seek to provide a high level of service to our clients while building useful, worthwhile technology. We’re forensically attentive to details. Good enough is not good enough. We seek greatness.


FullStack Leadership Team

Guided by visionary leadership, our world-class team of engineers, developers, and designers sets new standards for innovation and excellence in every project we undertake.
Photo of David Jackson, CEO of FullStack.
David Jackson
Photo of Mike Piccolo, Chief Technology Officer at FullStack.
Mike Piccolo
Chief Technology Officer
Photo of Ben Carle, Chief Information Officer at FullStack.
Ben Carle
Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Tom Gourhan, Senio Vice President of Sales at FullStack.
Tom Gourhan
SVP of Sales
Photo of Ivan Ardila, CEO of FullStack Colombia.
Ivan Ardila
CEO, Colombia
Photo of Carolina Vasquez, Director of Staffing at FullStack.
Carolina Vasquez
Director of Staffing
Photo of Carlos Carvalho, Director of Product at FullStack.
Carlos Carvalho
Director of Product
Photo of Annie Filice, Vice President of Operations at FullStack.
Annie Filice
Vice President of Operations
Photo of Brian Smith, Vice President of Design at FullStack.
Brian Smith
Vice President of Design
Photo of Adriana Sosa, General Counsel at FullStack.
Adriana Sosa
General Counsel